Who should be using TYSOM?

The Big Idea?

​It’s not about technology, it’s about creating meaningful connections between local businesses and their customers to build thriving communities we can all enjoy.

Simple, powerful yet clever. A World class tool for Independents using the same ideas and technology
as the Brands and Corporations.

You control your loyalty club, promotions, polling, feedback and data. No additional capital investment
or hardware is needed to link to your EPOS. No more huge commissions for you to pay to promote your business to customers that never did come back.

And these statistics don’t lie:

In the UK 76% of Adults have a smartphone, 75% of retailers run a loyalty club, pity then that 30% of
their customers regularly forget their cards! 69% of customers are more likely to shop where they are
rewarded and 66% of retailers believe loyalty clubs are the best way to connect to their customers; with
half of them saying them these make them the most sales.

TYSOM uniquely combines Feedback, Loyalty, Promotions with Social Media - the most powerful, tried and tested sales tools for businesses who want to grow and prosper.

FEEDBACK: High-quality customer service will be the key driver for 82 percent of customers in 2016.

What are your customers saying about you?

LOYALTY and PROMOTIONS: Are about attracting and rewarding your best customers, so they come more often and spend more with you.

What are you doing to engage with yours?

SOCIAL MEDIA: If you don’t tell, you won’t sell. TYSOM has tweet templates and a handy guide to get you started.

When did you last reach out to your customers?