If you want to grow your business:

listen to your customers,

promote your business and reward loyalty,

Then tell the world that you're doing it.

TYSOM, Thank You SO Much

160 independently owned businesses in Northamptonshire and Hampshire were consulted in creating TYSOM – and we thank them wholeheartedly.

  • You want control over your loyalty club, promotions and data
  • You don't want a contract
  • You are fed up of review sites and paying huge commissions to promotional sites
  • You want to be able to rely on World class technology
  • You want the same sales and promotional tools as big brands and companies

The answer is here and it's called TYSOM.

Reporting - to measure your business

  • ​How successful are your promotions?
  • Were they liked, shared, redeemed or rejected?
  • How much money did you make and how much did they cost?
  • Who are your most loyal customers?
  • How many Tokens have your redeemed, awarded and when?
  • What’s the age and gender of your loyalty club members and how active are they?
  • Where do they live and where do you need to promote to find new ones?
  • We use the latest postcode technology so you know where to flyer or advertise to find new customers.
  • What do your customers and staff think about your business?

Find these answers within Reporting.

Real data and insights you can act upon.

Loyalty - at the heart of your business

  • 75% UK retailers run one
  • 69% People will shop where there is one
  • 66% Retailers say they are the best way to connect to customers
  • 65% High Street shops are STILL independent
  • To increase customer spends, reward higher value purchases or set a minimum spend
  • To encourage customers to your quieter trading times – make more money.
  • To increase the number of times they visit

Discover how active they are, where they are and how many tokens they have, then use this to create more activity to increase your sales.

Promotions - at the heart of your business

  • Why promote, to who and when and then measure.
  • Top tips on creating your promotions so you can measure
  • Upload images to create eye-catching promotions to grow your business
  • With no commissions to 3rd parties, printing or paying for advertising space, invest in them to make a real difference to your sales and profits
  • Offer better deals to your loyalty club members who will share them, bringing you more customers
  • We all value real referrals from a trusted source, this is how it works.
  • Promote to TYSOM customers within 3 miles of your business in the TYSOM community, then roll them into your Loyalty Club

​Finally, you can understand which ones make you the most money and are popular in reporting.

Polls - the dilemmas of your business

  • Why guess when you can ask your loyal customers their opinion monthly?
  • Then promote based on their answers.
  • Avoid costly mistakes, build loyalty and have some fun, show your personality.
  • Just like Social Media, don’t always sell, ask genuine questions that will benefit them.

​A driving school was thinking of buying a HYBRID car in response to their younger students who were concerned about the environment.  So they POLLED them asking would they pay £2 per hour more? They said No.  They would prefer to learn in an automatic.  So they now have 2 automatics and their bookings have never been so strong.

Feedback - the temperature of your business

  • We have spoken with over 160 independents and this is what they said they wanted to know:
  • "Would a customer recommend me and why?"
  • The short survey of 6 questions focuses on that, why they would and what could be done differently / better to improve their experience. The score out of 10 is a customer satisfaction score.
  • You can flag the feedback too for handy reference such as action or for info.
  • We also know you want to ask your own questions, which is why we created the Polling.
  • The useful feedback comes direct from the customers using their own words, which they can.
  • The feedback is private – this is not a review site.
  • There is also a staff engagement survey for you to use – anonymous for them and private to you

Reporting will show your scores and how they change over time.

Social - the personality of your business

  • 20% of all marketing spend will be with Social Media in the next 4 years.
  • All the stats and data show businesses that engage, inform and entertain their customers build lasting relationships, meaning more visits and higher spends.
  • Top tips from an award winning Communications Agency and tweet templates to get you started.
  • Here’s one. Don’t always be selling, inform and entertain at least 80% of the time.
  • Social Media isn’t just for kids – it’s a powerful business tool.

Members' Lounge - a haven from your business

  • News and articles hand-picked for independents covering the issues that are important to help you grow and stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Grab a mug of tea, coffee or something stronger and read at your Leisure, keeping yourself up to date with topical issues and best practices
  • Feedback is important for us too, let us know what we can develop next to grow your business.
  • We’ll Poll you too and take note of what you say and ask for.

Add Features - tools for your business

  • Download more tools to help you grow your business.
  • Promotional modules, e-vouchers for gifting (that we are working on now), high resolution short videos for your promotions, additional POLLS and a TYSOM Store for you to buy and sell stock and much more besides.
  • We have a development plan for the next 18 months – watch this space.